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Swift Services

As an instrument, a SWIFT is a message sent by a bank or financial institution who is a recognised member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

Ready Willing and Able

What is a ready willing and able?

It is a document is issued by banks or financial institutions on behalf of clients, demonstrating intent and capability (both financially and legally) to enter into a financial transaction. RWA’s are often also referred to as bank comfort letters.

How does it work?

We provide ready willing and able (RWA) letters for our clients, usually via MT799 message.

Proof of facility

What is a proof of facility?

It is a document that demonstrates that a person/company has the the facility required to participate in a transaction. It is often used at the beginning of negotiations between parties who are unfamiliar with each other, so that each side can demonstrate seriousness to the other side.

How does it work?

By issuing a proof of facility, the bank approves that the entity/person has the quoted facilities available with them. During the finalization of a transaction, the applicant presents the POF to the beneficiary, assuring them that the buyer has the wherewith all to participate the transaction.

It should be noted that proof of facilities are being sometimes used by con artists to carry out financial scams. Thus, when agreeing to be presented with a proof of facility, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the other party to the transaction and perform sufficient due diligence checks.

Our Process



Contact Express Capital directly to inquire about SWIFT messaging services.


Express Capital custum builds the SWIFT Message. The client confirms and signs the final version.

Due Diligence

Express Capital's client compiles several requested documents relating to its company. Express Capital scrutinizes these documents to insure the deal complies with all international regulations.


Express Capital will issue a SWIFT message though one of its world-class banking partners. Express Capital monitors the message carefully to insure that it reaches its final destination.

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